Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I hate my kitchen island. Flat paint + messy kids = me scrubbing my island nearly every day. So I figured I may as well put up some sort of bead board or paneling to give it a little more personality while I'm at it. The whole thing is going to be white, but I was thinking of something that looks like this...

Or this wainscoting...

The problem is, I'm considering putting bead board on top of my kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling. The little pop out pantry would stay painted drywall.

So will the bead board be too much? It is a lot to have it as the island, back splash, and above the cabinets. Should I not do it above the cabinets and just have it on the island and backsplash? I was thinking I could put my chipping picket fences above the cabinets instead of bead board. OR should I do a combination of the paneling and bead board like this...

So here's an easier way to vote

1. Bead board above the cabinets
2. Picket fence above the cabinets

A. All bead board (first picture)
B. Wainscot paneling (second picture)
c. Combination of bead board and wainscoting (last picture)

Just choose 1-A or 2-C... you get my drift. Help me! I can't make a decision!

*All images are via pinterest*


  1. This doesn't specifically answer your question, but an idea. Inspired by Jones Design Company's living room Http://jonesdesigncompany/Decorate/our-living-room/ I would put crown molding at the very top of the pantry and continue it around room at same height. I would paint A light color above the crown. Then I would hang a fixture(s) above the island. For me, I wouldn't decorate above the crown because the real focus and architectural interest in your kitchen are those beautiful cabs and I wouldn't want to distract from them. Sorry this ended up so ling!

  2. i would dress those cabinets up with crown molding make them stand out.....then beadboard the island add some gables (?) ugh forget if thats wut there called...sorry!!

  3. I would choose 1 and C... I hope i did that right!


  4. I like the idea of putting crown molding along the top of the cabinets. I think it will finish them off. Then you could put some stuff above there, but like Chris said, let the cabinetry be the star. I do like the idea of adding the bead board to the island. Bead board style c is my favorite.

    I'm excited to see whatever you choose. I'm sure it will be great!

  5. I actually like the idea of beadboard everywhere. However, it is a pain to paint in my opinion. Did you think about the wallpaper that looks like it? I haven't tried it, but am about to use a small piece in my bathroom. You could also go for different versions of tongue and groove too, like the wider stuff.

  6. If you don't mind it being a little on the cottage side, 1-C. If you do mind, 2-B most definitely!

  7. I'd like to see what the picket fences would look like. But I think 1-A. Your counters and cabinets are dark and I think that would brighten the room. Look at me acting like I know what I'm talking about.

  8. like all the choices sorry. but beadboard in the end would prob be easier everywhere cause you have some odd sized walls.also beadboard looks great with vintage pieces and will certainly brighten up everything. good luck cannt wait to see the end game ;). the fence pieces sound really interesting oh and i love my crown molding

  9. 1 c.
    but it would be fun to see a sample of all the options. i think pickets would be cute unless you are going to decorate a lot more with them. might look too cluttered? beadboard would be easier to clean, especially in a kitchen and above where it gets dusty (thank you AZ) and greasy from cooking.
    it doesnt matter what you choose though because your home always looks like a place i would love to hang out!
    good luck.

  10. I choose 1A. I think it would look terrific. In fact, that's exactly what I want to do in our kitchen!

  11. I choose 1A. That's what I want to do with our kitchen, so of course I love the idea!

  12. How about picket fence up top above the cabinets, but corrugated metal on the island? It would be easy maintenance (believe me, wainscotting SUCKS trying to remove shoe scuffs and kids stains) and would add a touch of industrial like that awesome light above your dining table. You'd need a metal bit to drill your screw holes, but you're not one to back down from a challenge... whatya think? I'd love to see what you do, no matter what!
    (your Merchant Square stalker)