Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clearance alert

I was browsing Hobby Lobby for some baskets for my pantry but they were all around $30-$40. Who would pay that for a basket I ask? Not me. So I walked down the clearance aisle and found these babies.

I thought they were 66% off so I was pretty happy. Then when they checked me out, she said they were NINETY PERCENT OFF! The most I paid for one was $4.00 and it was the biggest one. I went to the Hobby Lobby on Signal Butte and the 60 if you're in the east valley. They had a ton of baskets left! I'm sure the one on Greenfield has their clearance on clearance too!


  1. Great find! I love hobby lobby clearance. This makes me want to go buy baskets even though I don't need any right now. Surely I'll need some in the future though right ?!

  2. Fabulous!!!We dont have a hobby lobby:(.Small town America ugh!

  3. Wow, that is a great deal! Our closest HL is now 4 hours away. :( But on the plus side I now have a World Market!

  4. What a great deal!! I looked at the hobby lobby on Ray and the 10, but didn't see any baskets on sale :( I was hoping for some! I'll have my sister check out the green field.

    Thanks for sharing!