Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank you guys. I really appreciate your kind words. It's nice to know I have people thinking of me, even though I've never even met most of you. I was up and running a couple days later and feel part of it was because your encouragement.

My husband's been gone at scout camp ALL week. And you know how that goes, I can't sleep without an hairy Caleb sized elbow in my neck. So bed time came a little later than usual for me. I .did get a lot of projects done though

I decided that I was going to spruce up my front door since I despise the landscaping. Having an all rock yard is like providing a limitless supply of ammunition to my 4 year old. Grass and flowers will come in time I suppose...

In the meantime I had a strange space on top of my front door that I wanted to do something with. Here's a before picture even though you can't really tell how boring it was.

And here's the sign I made for it at 2 am. Yes, the 0 is crooked. I painted it by hand and it was realllly late. I didn't notice until it was already screwed up there. Oh well, no one's perfect.

I painted the door and trim black, added a nickle kick plate from lowes, and wired a new light (also from Lowes). I still need to cut out new seats for the chairs and then the flower bowls will fit right into the seat. I may have broken my scroll saw when I was cutting out the sign so it'll have to wait till the hubs can fix it.

My favorite part of the door is my new wreath holder. You may remember me using it as a towel holder in my old house. It's a vintage paper hole punch.

And one last picture. My husband took my camera CANOEING this week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be using my iphone for pictures for a while...


  1. Call me crazy but I actually like the tilted 0. Its cute. Im always so impressed with how much you get done. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything and its kind of freaking me out.

  2. Its like that spot was made for the sign I like it!