Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bring on the fall!

I've been feeling the need to fall up my house lately. I'm hoping that if I insert a few touches of cooler weather, cooler weather might come to me. And then I burned my feet walking on the road today so yeah... it's going good.

I had a plan. New pillows, a few flowers, some wheat and old tractor gears. And I had a budget. Cheap. Real cheap. So I went to the only place that never fails me. Goodwill. This time I was intent on finding some cable knit sweaters to make into pillows like these beauts from Pottery Barn...

I don't even know how much these are because they're not available anymore. I'm guessing a lot. Well, I found exactly what I was looking for AND another great find. These two leather arm chairs.

And guess how much they were....

Heck yes! And I found the perfect way to incorporate them into my new fall living room.

The only thing that bugs me is we NEVER use that room. It's basically a glorified hallway from the front door to the great room. In fact, I don't think I've ever even shared pictures of it until my union jack rug post. Here's the room now all fallish.

See that "The Vintage Bus Co." pillow? A while back my sister and I went to a home decor shop in Phoenix called the willows. I saw this pillow and fell in love.

But the price was CR-A-ZY so I vowed to replicate it. I know what you're thinking. "This girl is the cheapest person I know". And you might be right. But price is not the only reason I copy from designers and stores I love. In this case it was because who the heck would buy a $300 throw pillow, but most of the time its a different reason. I'll post more on that later in the week.

Here's my version of the pillow and the pillows I made from cable knit sweaters from Goodwill.

Here's a close up of the bus pillow. The cream part is duck cloth, the grey is vinyl and the words are also vinyl. I used my friends cricut cutter to cut out the letters. I have really got to get me one of those! I have since secured the letters in place with a matte Modge Podge. If anyone knows of a better product for fabric, let me know!

And one of the other sweater pillows...

I also got this amazing bench from the ranch last weekend. It once belonged to Tara and I think my mom won it in a hand of cards or something. So I traded it for a framed picture and now I have it! It's how we roll.

The last thing I did to the room to make it feel more fall was something I saw on pinterest. The first thing I thought was how STUPID and completely impractical it was. But it worked. I turned my books on my bookcase around so the pages are showing instead of the spines. And I like the bookcase so much more now!

Did you even notice? I'm hoping my husband won't either when he gets home. I can't imagine he's going to let me keep it this way for long. I already know what he's going to say "I know they say not to judge a book by it's cover but geeze!"

p.s. Only two more weeks till my lover face comes home to me! Wahoooo!


  1. I LOVE the sweater pillows idea, seriously. As for the books, I turned all of ours around like two months ago and nearly everyday, Cody gives me so much crap for it. I love it and the way it looks so much cleaner and lighter but it drives him crazy! I still can't believe you got those chairs. Its insane. Blast Valdosta and its one and old shanty little Goodwill.

  2.! Whatever Goodwill you have there, is a completely different GW from ours! lol chairs are usually anywhere from 50-200!Great find, and I LOVE those sweater pillows! I've been meaning to make some of those as soon as I get off my know what! Happy Week!

  3. looks great! just last night i saw the same thing on a pallet bookcase! those chairs were a killer find!!

  4. I can't believe the price on those chairs, great find. The room looks so cozy, I was surprised to hear that you rarely use it.

  5. Remember how I agreed to not post criticisms publicly on your blog? Well, I like everything on here except one item, and I'm going to let you guess which one.

  6. I am so jealous of those pillows!! way to go! ha, I think all my friends classify me and the cheapy one too! looking forward to the barn sale!

  7. You're my hero. I'm completely jealous of your leather chairs!!! The sweater pillows are so cozy--I'd forgotten about that idea and my husband has the perfect unappreciated sweater. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I KNOW you have to clear out one spot at a time to take a good picture without a Lego Warrior posing somewhere. Your living Room is actually 2 spaces now. Good Job!

  9. Those pillows are really great! Were they difficult to make? Also, the leather chairs are ridiculous! They have to be a Goodwill find of the month.

    Thanks for sharing, I'm a reader of Better After and decided to stop by.

  10. I cannot believe you got those at Goodwill!! First, ours NEVER has good stuff like that. It's all junk! And second, if they did, they'd charge at least $100 for that. Seriously, I've seen $10 junky Ikea end tables for $15 at ours. GREAT find!

  11. I am a new follower & have found so much inspiration on your blog. I started current & am working my way back through your posts. I look forward to 10 free minutes to browse your stuff!! :)