Saturday, October 15, 2011

Slip covered Ottoman

Remember my old ottoman? I bought it off craigslist and reupholstered it to resemble the Pottery Barn one.

I loved it but after a year or so, it was a little booger-fied by the kiddos. So I ripped off the upholstery and sewed a slip cover for it.

I lined the whole thing in a white cotton. Which turns out is actually like making two entire slip covers. It was a huge pain and didn't make enough of a difference for me to want to line anything. Ever again. Except maybe a see through dress so I don't scare the horses.

I love the concept of decorating ottomans with books and other things but as soon as I finished taking this picture, my one year old ran up and shoved them onto the ground. So up on the shelf they go until my kids move out of the house. Or until shock collars become legal to use on kids. Whichever comes first. I hope no one from CPA reads my blog...

And in case you were wondering, my husband's home. He told me he wasn't going to be back until next week and he snuck into the house with a bouquet of flowers and surprised me yesterday. Little stink had been lying to me all week! I quickly forgave him though. Here's what he was doing during my little photo shoot.

Teaching one of the young men from our church how to clean a gun. And by "teaching" I mean getting the boys to do his dirty work. It's good to have him home though.


  1. Awesome slip cover! I love the ruffles and the big welt/trim you added! You are braver than I with the light fabrics! My youngest is now 16 and there are still some antiques I won't take out of storage....or light colored fabric I would use! Brave woman! Pretty Ottoman! :)

  2. Awe the ottoman is just darling. Sorry to hear it was a royal pain, but it is looking good.

  3. I just LOVE the rufles on your ottoman!
    And your husband seems like mine, he's a huge gun fanatic too. ;)

  4. Why would a certified public accountant care about shock collars? Are they tax deductible?