Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dresser re-do

It has been forever since I've refinished a piece of furniture. My house has been on the verge of hoarder status for a while so buying more furniture really hasn't been on my agenda. But as I was driving down my road this little guy caught my eye...

If you just said to yourself anything with the words crap, garbage, or fire wood then your reaction was very similar to my husbands. And my kids. And the neighbor I got it from.

But not me. Nope. I saw something that was in bad need of some fish scales or scallops as some people call them.

I had to do minor repair to the top right drawer and decided to take out the bottom drawer all together. It would have required more work than just glue and a clamp. Like it would have had to be reincarnated as a tree and I would have had to chop it down, and plane it, and so on...

I painted the whole thing Swiss Coffee. I use paint with primer in it so no pre-sanding was necessary. Then I used a can of tomatoes to draw on my scales. After that, I used a small brush and painted over my pencil lines in the color Vintage Yellow. After it dried I sanded it down and added some knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Also, can I get a wolf whistle for my new flooring??? Ow OOOOOOOW. More on that later. I head out tomorrow to visit my best friend and paint Savannah, Ga red. Pics to come!


  1. It's adorable! Why can't I find these pieces of furniture? I always find ugly veneer bookcases or torn up couches. Where's the good stuff?! :)

    And the floors are definitely beautiful!

  2. Found your blog recently, Great stuff. AND I didn't think any of those words lol. I knew it would be turned into something pretty cool.

  3. adorable! love it. and the retro globe...love the stand, very unique.
    and have a blast in savannah...such a great town.

  4. Fishscales with a tomato can. Genius!