Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Brighton Cottage

I received an order from a lady named Tricia for the Bakery sign. She has her own blog called Brighton Cottage. I visited her site and spent a good 3 hours looking at great pictures. 3 hours that probably should have been spent monitoring my children's sugar intake. Dirty rats ate an entire box of fruit snacks. Anyways, check out my favorite room from her house...

I love her stools and the old hanger her hand towel hangs from.

And, of course, her open shelving. I haven't seen it tucked into a corner like this before and I love it!

Her French breakfast table and bread bowl are fantastic.

From the breakfast nook you can see into her laundry room. Normally I wouldn't think the laundry room right off the kitchen would be very visually appealing, but when your laundry room looks like hers...

I would welcome it with open arms and 8 laundry hampers full of dirty boy clothes.

Check out her blog Brighton Cottage.


  1. I follow her blog! It's always fun to fall down the blog rabbit hole once in a while. :)

  2. Thank you so much! Handy hubby and I have fun doing these projects together : o )