Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall front door decor

Well, it's not really fall here. But I like to light my pumpkin spice candles, buy fake leaves and pinecones, and pretend like the rest of the people in Arizona that there's more than just two seasons, "Blazing hot" and "A little better".

I bought a bunch of gourds from Walmart and stuck them in whatever I could find around the house. I also made this HAYRIDES sign out of some wood we salvaged out of my friends back yard in Flagstaff.

My wreath is actually an old film canister. I loved the metal finish and sat there brain storming ways I could use it. My thought process went something like this. "It's old... and round... and cool!... what are things that are round?... and cool... A WREATH!!!" My antique hole punch I mounted straight on my door holds it up with burlap ribbon.

And of course, a pennant banner because you really can't have too many.

I hung some old pulleys I've had forever from the fascia of the roof with an eye hook. I filled an antique basket with more gourds and used my old school chair under it with a white fake pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.

Today I'm making some fun fabric watch bands with one of my best girlfriends. No rest for the wicked!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE.... my fav was the hole punch. Very creative.

  2. Love the wreath! I might steal this for a movie night with friends. :)

    I'm having a fun giveaway. Come check it out.


  3. Love your film canister wreath! That's the perfect spot for it!

    Looks great.