Saturday, September 8, 2012

Savannah, Ga

I loved Savannah, Ga. So much that if someone told me we could move there tomorrow I'd have my stuff packed up in an hour. And I would live in this house.

All pictures were taken with my phone. Sorry for the quality.

I don't even think anyone lives there now. Everything was boarded up and windows were broken. Sad day :( It was such an awesome house though.

On one of the first days, Katie and I went to a store called Pinch of the past by historic main street. They had the most amazing salvaged wood.

I bought some of this gorgeous chippy wood to make into picture frames for me and the winner of my Savannah giveaway. I'm still working on that, sorry Katie!

And then we went to Tybee Island. I absolutely LOVE Tybee Island. The beach, the cottages everywhere, the laid back vibe. I practically gave up shaving a became a hobo on the beach right then and there. 

It was one of those vacations that made you want to telegraph the family to meet you back east cause you found gold and are taking up residence for them. Instead I came home to Arizona. With no beach and no grass and no one saying ya'll. But my family was waiting for me.

I guess I'll take them over all that. Maybe some day I could have both??? 

I miss you already bestie. Come see me.

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  1. We went to Georgia for the first time this summer. Stayed on Tybee and trekked to Savannah several times over the eight days we were there. I, too, fell in love with both. So happy you had a wonderful time!