Friday, September 10, 2010

buffet table and clearance news...

I forgot to take a before picture of this little buffet table but here's the after. My sister and I picked it up out of a house in Camp Verde that looked like the perfect place for a horror movie. Half of it had been burned down(I think) and the other half was about to fall. If it hadn't been condemned yet, it should be. I had the willies for days afterwards. The table used to be a lovely pumpkin spice or as I call it, breastfed baby poop. You know what I mean. My play group friend saw it in it's former glory.

I don't have a dining room really so I just put it between my two bookcases. It had two drawers in the middle part but they were missing. so I just busted out the track and bought this basket at Target. Speaking of Target. Most of their Simply Shabby Chic is on clearance. I thought maybe it was just here but my friend Katie told me hers in Texas is too. Thought our readers might like to know...


  1. I love it! Sometimes it to your advantage to have a drawer missing!The basket looks good!

  2. Adorable piece! I love the look of texture smack dab in the middle of a sea of white. Like yours! :)


  3. I love it in white with the baskets for texture. A great little storage piece.

  4. I love this buffet, and ironically I did one that is almost identical!