Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why am I still torn?

I recently obtained a piece of furniture that I'm really excited to paint. The only problem is I keep going back and forth about the color. So what do you guys think? It's going in my bedroom which is kinda beachy with creams, tans, and light blue. So I was thinking either cream, light blue, or black. I thought I'd decided on cream but every time I go to paint it I just change my mind. Help!


  1. What a great find!!
    Have you considered a white wash? I haven't tried that technique yet, but I've seen some gorge pieces in white wash. Keeps the integrity of the piece and it blends in to your style.

    Good luck, can't wait to see the final look..


  2. I think it'll be awesome whatever you decide (i'm no help in deciding because I don't know anything about furniture)! Can't wait to see the final product!!!!

  3. Introduce a new color, like coral or sage, and accent the dresser with blue. Something as beautiful as that should stand out, for sure!

  4. It depends on your wall color, if you are going with a tan or white on the wall then I would go with a the blue color washed out and highlight the molding on the doors through aging.
    I like the white wash idea too.
    Hard choice...but great piece of furniture, lucky girl!

  5. I was thinking beachy aqua. And then I read your text, so now I say beachy blue!