Thursday, September 9, 2010

New dining table and chairs

I sold my clock face dining table. I get such a hard time from my friends because every time they come over at least one major furniture piece has changed. I loved the clock table but I felt like the clocks and a centerpiece and a runner was too much. And I want to make a couple burlap runners. So my solution was to get a new table.

I picked up a couple chairs from goodwill on Power and Ray here in Gilbert and painted them light blue, a couple from a friend in Camp Verde and painted them red and used the cream ones I already had. I want to eventually have all different chairs, I'll just have to wait until I find two more I like. I upholstered the seats in some fabric that I got out of the 54" designer section at joanns for 50% off. I think it's a little girlie but the window treatments are pretty manly so I wanted to mix it up.

I love how cheap flowers are at Sams club. My husband used to take advantage of their inexpensive prices when we were dating. He used them to woo me. I picked up some last time I was there because he was paying the bill so it's basically the same right? I know he would have gotten them if he was even remotely able to. (by the way, he's coming home in about two weeks! yahooooooo!)


  1. I just love love love, the white pitchers with the old book. It's a great looking centerpiece! I can never pass a white pitcher by!

  2. Your new dining table and chairs are beautiful. I love the mix of chairs as it makes the set so interesing. Well done. I also love Sam' Club for flowers... I get hygrangeas for half the price found anywhere else around here.