Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

For any who know me personally, you will be shocked to hear that I am turning over a new leaf. In years past I haven't decorated for any holidays, much less Christmas. Well, this year I have been ravened by the Christmas bug and already have up a lot of my decorations. I have much more to do including my mantle and Christmas tree but here are a few shots of what I've been up to since the 1st of November.

I wanted to make something to hook back packs and the like for my front door area. Right now it's great for the kids junk so they don't just chuck it on the floor right when they walk in. When the kids are on winter break I'll use it to hold my stockings I'm planning on sewing.

I found the giant yard stick and hooks at Merchant Square in Chandler. I love that place. They have so many vendors I almost always find what I'm searching for.

I went yard sale-ing with my friend Reanne last Saturday and we stopped by the most adorable old man's house. He had gorgeous antique furniture and was using an old door as a table. I told him it was awesome and my friend asked him if he'd be willing to sell it. He said he couldn't take any less than $10. SOLD! Here it is nestled behind my Goodwill chair in my front room.

I also spray painted an old trunk and hand painted a grey red cross symbol for the coffee table in this room. I added some casters for height and so my kids can use it as a battering ram. I'll post more pictures of this room when the Christmas tree is done.

Come back on Thursday for more!


  1. I love your Christmas decor! As well as the rest of your "regular" decor! Your house has so much style and personality!

  2. "So my kids can use it as a battering ram"...bwahaha. You know they will. They use your couch as a battering ram.

  3. "...kids can use it as a battering ram..."

    LOVE THAT!!! Truly, a really nice industrial vibe with the right touches of traditional. Warm heart, warm home. Love it!

  4. So funny!!!! I mean the battering ram comment! Had to read that comment to my hubby!