Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trip to ikea

I went to Ikea to buy new slipcovers for my couches and they had some new Christmas stuff out. I bought a couple of wreaths and some mini trees for next to nothing. They are just the right amount of shabby and look completely real. My husband even asked how I was planning on keeping them alive.

I'll show him...

I hung the wreaths with some rope I had in the garage. I love how they look next to all my white dishes. I may have a small obsession with white dishes. Don't even worry though, I'm getting help. Here's one of the trees in a rusty bucket in my guest bath.

sorry for the horrible lighting...

I also bought that mirror at the same yard sale I got the door at. It weighs more than me so I had my husband help me hang it. He told my kids it was a magic mirror that showed you monkeys when you look in it. My 3 year old was laughing all morning.

Here are the other two trees I bought. I'm thinking of going back fore more. I really can't get enough. I covered the bases of these ones in burlap.

I'm waiting for an etsy purchase before I can finish my tree and mantle. I can't wait for it to get here so I can show all of you!


  1. Wow, they really look real! I hope my Ikea has them. Your hutch looks gorgeous! Great idea using the rope to hang the wreaths. It gives it a great rudtic touch.

  2. You've sold me. Now I need to go pick up a few too! I can't beileve how real they look.

  3. Your bathroom really does have terrible lighting. It's a good thing that I never want to see myself clearly in there.

    But I do like the trees.

  4. I bought those same things a few weeks ago at Ikea! I went nuts! I love how it looks and loved the price even more!! You did a nice job with them!


  5. Ok....dying with the ADORABLE star light in your bathroom. My kids have HORRIBLE lighting in theirs....and I wanna add a light! Where did you get yours from? :)