Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh Christmas tree

I decided to simplify my Christmas tree this year with minimal ornaments and decorations. And I love it. I also decided to get rid of my tree skirt and jump on the galvanized bucket band wagon. It's my favorite part of the tree now.

To make the bunting banner, I ordered an antique atlas and made some color copies of one of the pages at Staples. The book had to be made before 1923 for the copyright to be expired so I could legally make the copies. Did you know you could do that? I had to argue with the guy at the copy center for half an hour before he gave up (they always do...)

Just a little burlap ribbon, an antique measuring stick and some mini chalk boards from World Market and I was done. In record time.

If I was into elf on the shelf I think I would have him erase some of the chalk boards and draw the word fart on them or something. The... uh... kids would think that was totally hilarious. Not me, I'm way more mature than that ;)

Speaking of World Market, do you remember my Christmas present hint to Katie? Well, a couple of my AMAZING readers pointed me towards World Market for the least expensive, most similar drying rack I've seen.

Here's the link to it. SOOOOO inexpensive! It now proudly sits on my counter so my kids can reach their koolaid holders. Boy am I glad people still read this thing. You saved me a ton of money Wendy and Jodi! Thanks again!

And lastly, I have some sad news. I found an amazing stocking on pinterest that I wanted to try and make. I bought some fabric for them and realized after I had sewn two that I didn't have enough fabric for the lining for the other two. I went back and they didn't have anymore of the grey linen look left! They also didn't have it at the other 3 Joann's I went to. I'm going to have to seam rip the one I had finished and use different fabric for the lining. Rat fink. Oh well. Here's the lone stocking I was able to finish.

Sad, sad day. I hate when I have motivation to finish a project and logistics get in the way. Lame. Hopefully I'll figure out a solution and finish them soon. I'd love to tell you how I did them. It's a really neat trick using wax paper.

Happy turkey day.


  1. Your decorations looks lovely and I'm going to do the galvanized bucket too this year - it looks great on your tree! Too bad about the stocking, they would have looked great! Can you turn just the one into a door decoration or something?

  2. I just went on the world market website and they do not ship the drying rack...rats...oh well I will continue to look for one I can afford..Thanks for the tip. Everything looks awesome..Cheer and happy Thanksgiving..I am in canada we had ours a month and half ago...Frances

  3. Yay! So glad you got your bottle drying rack. Did you find the bottle carrier, too? I will check our Joann's for the grey linen. :)

  4. Looks great! We're also simplifying decorations around here, but that's partly because we have a baby coming right after Christmas and no one really wants to wrestle with Johnny and any decorations.

  5. "Fart" you are right...only kids think thats freaking hillarious!!!! Not grown ups!! ;) Also I wasnt on the bucket band wagon...until I saw yours and I'm thinking I love do galvenized bucket so well!